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Zappy Hand Sanitizer, 60ml


Zappy Handy Sanitizer is a high-performance Ethanol based antimicrobial skin and hand sanitizer that has an immediate germ-killing effect. It kills 99.99% of most common found germs and ideal when water is not available or contaminated. It is used as a supplement or alternative to hand washing with soap and water. It is specially formulated with skin conditioners and Vitamin E beads that will  soften and moisturize while disinfecting the skin simultaneously.  Zappy Handy Sanitizer can be used by the whole family anytime, anywhere.

• For hand and skin disinfection, ideal when water is not available or contaminated.
• Ideal for use before touching food or anywhere that hygiene is of critical importance

Squeeze a small amount on your palm, spread & rub over back of hand & fingertips until dry.

Available in:

  • FRES-Zappy-ST-0004 – Zappy Handy Sanitizer 62% Alcohol, 60ml, 24bot/ct