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Product Warranty
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Product Warranty Registration

Terms & Conditions
  1. Labour & Parts are not charged if faults are due to manufacturing defects within the prescribed warranty period.
  2. All warranties are carry-in except for bulky items (Beds, Geriatric Chairs..etc which are on-site)
  3. Proof of purchase (receipt) must be produced when requesting for warranty.
  4. Warranty for Rehab items are for the frames only. Wear & Tear on functional parts are not covered in the warranty.
  5. Corrective and Preventive maintenance are for Mondays to Fridays 9am – 5pm only.
  6. Warranty excludes batteries and power pack unit (Adaptor/Charger) and general wear & tear.
  7. Transport charges for collection of faulty equipment will be borne by the purchaser.
  8. Warranty is valid in Singapore only.
  9. This warranty does not apply if damage is caused by:
    1. Misuse, rough handling or damage in transit;
    2. Unauthorized repair or alteration or modifications to the appliance;
    3. Improper installation or connection to voltage mains, gas, water or drainage systems;
    4. Using the equipment other than in accordance to the instructions for operations.
  10. This warranty also does not apply if:
    1. The certificate has been altered, defaced, erased or rendered illegible;
    2. This equipment is re-sold from one end-user to another;
    3. This equipment sent for repair is not accompanied by the certificate.
  11. As in-depth testing and analysis would be required, reasonable time must be given for period of repair.
  12. Warranty Registration must be fully completed and mailed to the company within 14 days from date of purchase.
  13. Charges, if any, are subject to prevailing Goods & Services Tax
Warranty Periods
DeVilBiss Oxygen Concentrator (USA)
Compressor (Motor Only) 24 mths or 8760 hrs (Whichever is earlier)
Other parts (excluding consumables and wear and tear) 12 months
DeVilBiss Suction Unit & Nebulizers (USA)
(Excludes Battery Packs)
Motor / Compressor 12 months
Air Mattress
(Mattress Pad not covered under warranty)
Motor / Compressor 12 months
ASSURE RehabTM Mobility Products
(Covers Wheelchairs/Pushchairs/Commode/Geriatric Chairs/Shower Chairs/Electric Low Beds/Walking Aids)
Wheelchairs / Pushchairs – Frame Only 12 months
Commodes / Shower Chairs – Frame Only 12 months
Geriatric Chairs – Frame Only 12 months
Electric Low Bed – Motor Only 12 months
Walking Aids – Frame Only 12 months
Finger Pulse Oximeters
Electronics 12 months


General Charges
Transport Charges (*1 way) $18.00 (1 manpower)
*Transport Charges for Bulky Items $144.00 (2 manpower)
*Disposal Charges $144.00 (2 manpower)
Evaluation / Technical advice fee $60.00


Corrective Maintenance (Repairs)

4A) Labour Charges (Cost of parts not included)

DeVilBiss Oxygen Concentrator (USA) $100.00
Suction Unit & Nebulizer $60.00
Air Mattress (Pump Only) $70.00
Rehabilitative & Mobility Products $45.00 – $80.00


Preventive Maintenance (Servicing)
  1. Preventive Maintenance is to be done on-site.
  2. Costs of parts and consumables are not inclusive of the service pricing and will be billed seperately.
  3. 50% of the labour charges will be waived for repairs done during Preventive Maintenance.


Servicing Contract Charges
DeVilBiss Oxygen Concentrator (USA)
Single (1 time within a period of 12 months) $130.00
Double (2 times within a period of 12 months; payable on 1st PM) $230.00
DeVilBiss Suction Unit & Nebulizer (USA)
Single (1 time within a period of 12 months) $90.00