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Welcome to another episode of YMS ! Connect with us

This episode is about the sharing of a recent article in the news media about “mobility and wheelchair” which somehow provides YMS a chance to “audit” the very own mobility products under the brand :


It is interesting & delightful to share some insights & extractions in the article with key points, namely as :

  • belt available is to prevent the user from sliding
  • user’s weight and physique, importantly, requires assessment as exceeding the capacity a wheelchair can hold could be dangerous
  • width of the wheelchair seat should be considered as a factor, for example, someone smaller in size may have trouble reaching the wheel of a manual wheelchair
  • width of the wheelchair should provide comfortable space to accommodate the thighs and hips (example) as such that there is no rubbing at the back of the knee that will cause discomfort etc.
  • the height of the seat or distance of the footplates is also an important factor to suit the height of the user
  • smaller rear wheels allows caregiver the ease of maneuvering the user around
  • Wheel locks are important while transferring the user in and out of the wheelchair; and the foot and arm rests should be lifted to prevent injuries


Interestingly, we are glad that the products we carry fit all (not limited to) the above general recommendations; an effort to list down the key essential approx. dimensions, functions & crisp images of the different parts of the machine provide, though not perfect, a near to 100% clarity for decision making before touching base with the sales department. Share with us your concerns or look up :