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Hair for Hope

CSR has been a DNA of Yeap Medical Supplies aka YMS. This project was prompted by 1 of the staff and initiated by the HR dept. As the saying goes “pictures tell more than a thousand words”.  Editor’s note (marketing) “As professional as we aimed to be in the fields of medical device industry, being sincerely true to the heart might be a scarce element in this competitive environment. Who could truly claim that one organisation works together with the family/ team spirit; being in YMS, CONNECT is the spirit”.

Connect :

C – Collaborative success

O – Open & honest relationship

N – Nurturing mentorship

N – Never-give-up spirit

E – Excellence in service

C – Compassion for the community

T – Transformation through teamwork



Project Lokun

YMS is glad to provide a little means within the resource constraints and the highly competitive outlook for Lokun Project 2016.

Project Lokun was founded in December 2007, growing from a simple desire to have a humanitarian project wholly owned by medical students. Since then, they have grown both in the scope of their activities and the number of communities they serve.

From providing simple healthcare for acute conditions (such as abscesses, hairlice, gastroenteritis, upper respiratory tract infections and endemic malaria) and giving basic health education in schools, their project has grown to become more extensive. They are looking into ensuring sustainability and ultimately empower their beneficiaries to be self-sufficient. This includes bridging the gaps for medical referrals and partnering other NGOs in providing long term care for chronic cases. Moreover, our efforts in medical screening also seek to achieve primary and secondary prevention of disease within the community so that lifestyle and medical interventions can be started promptly.

More images & video :

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YMS supports MINDS in their effort to train and provide their children with work-tasks experiences, in this case, the assembly line within the logistic department.



Stroke Support Station 

YMS-retail wing, Pharmex Healthcare Pte Ltd had supported Stroke Support Station (S3) Christmas party on 17 Dec 2016 for the spirit of giving with 100 bottles of Ensure Plus (Coffee Flavour) and 100 sachets of Nutren Diabetes as stroke survivors strive to maintain a healthy diet to avoid and lessen the chances of a recurrent stroke. All the S3 members, their caregivers and volunteers thoroughly enjoyed the Christmas party.



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