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ASSURE Rehab – Heavy Duty Hammertone Reclining DAEF Wheelchair AR0137 / AR0138


An ASSURE Rehab Wheelchair. A environmental friendly hammertone finish reclining wheelchair that provides support needed for patients who may not be able to sit upright for too long or who may need to be seated at an angle. With detachable arm and foot rest (DAF) and elevating footrest and designed for durability and heavy usage.

Approx. useful dimension (Inches)

  • Seat width: 16″/18″
  • Seat height: 19″
  • Seat depth: 17″
  • Chair width: 25″, 27″
  • Chair height: 52″
  • Net weight: 25kg
  • Capacity: 125kg
  • Wheel type: 24″ Mag Wheel

Available in:

  • AR0137 — 16″ Heavy Duty Chrome DAEF Reclining Wheelchair
  • AR0138 — 18″ Heavy Duty Chrome DAEF Reclining Wheelchair