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B|Braun Sutures – MONOSYN


08 Monosyn

Monosyn® is an excellent mid-term absorbable synthetic monofilament suture developed exclusively by B. Braun for the suturing of soft tissues. Monosyn® provides distinctive characteristics of a modern suture. Monosyn®´s excellent handling parameters allows a high knot security, flexibility and knot placement to achieve
remarkable surgery results (G. L. Forlivesi, N. Catalano, A. Petrassi et al.: Multi-centric A.C.O.I. study of a new mid-term absorbable monofilament suture; General Surgery – XXIII: 315, 2002). Monosyn® has a wide range of needle combinations in order to fulfill surgeons´ needs. All B. Braun needles are silicone coated to reduce the force needed for the initial penetration of the tip and the tissue drag. As 50 % of its initial tensile strength remains after 14 days, Monosyn® is indicated for soft tissue approximation and more particulary for Gastrointestinal surgery, Gynaecology and obstetrics and Urology. Monosyn® provides:

  • Monofilament structure
  • Mid-term absorption profile
  • Rapid Mass absorption
  • Excellent Knot characteristics
  • High knot-pull tensile strength
  • Easy handling

Available in:

  • C0022215 3/0 DS24 70CM, 36’s/box [IND], box
  • C0022216 2/0 DS24 70CM, 36’s/box [IND], box
  • C0022220 4/0 DS16, 36’s/box [IND], box