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Microlife NC150 Non-Contact Instant Forehead Thermometer (Warranty: 2 yrs)



Microlife is the world’s leading manufacturer of thermometers. The company is also one of the world market leaders in the development and production of medical diagnostic equipment – for use at home and in health facilities. Blood pressure monitors, digital thermometers, asthma measuring devices and flexible heat pads are some of our core products.

The products are designed to enable people to monitor and improve their own health. Microlife was the first company to introduce the mercury-free digital thermometer and had continued on this path: free from environmentally harmful substances, producing strong solutions for people; A long life.

This thermometer can/is/has :

  • blue light indicator to gauge the distance for better readings
  • reading within 1 second
  • take temperature of the objects example : hot milk, hot bath water, the surroundings
  • 30 data memory
  • fever alarm
  • Celsius & Fahrenheit switchable
  • non-disturbance silent glow in dark

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20160113 •ÿø˝§∫≠∂.inddAvailable in :

  • MICROLIFE-3AR1-3P – MICROLIFE 3AR1-3P Fully-Automatic Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor With Adapter (Warranty: 5 yrs), set