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Disposable Gowns with Knitted Cuffs


ASSURE Disposable (water resistant) Lab Coat, when used properly by the care giver or related health personnel, provides protection against direct contact with biological fluid and other infectious substances.


Available in :

  • 7M-034 – Isolation Gown With Knitted Cuff 30gsm (Blue), Individually packed, 100’s/ctn, pc
  • 7M-034-10 – Isolation Gown With Knitted Cuff 30gsm (Blue), 10’s/pkt, 10pkt/ctn, sold in pkt
  • 7M-034-GNG – Isolation Gown With Knitted Cuff 25gsm (Dark Blue) 125cm x 130cm, 10’s/pkt
  • 7M-038 – Isolation Gown With Knitted Cuff 38gsm (Yellow) 10’s x 10pkt/ctn, pc


ASSURE Disposable High Risk Isolation Gown provides barrier protection against fluids or liquid-borne pathogens based on AAMI Level 4 requirements. It can be used in moderate or high risk settings where blood is involved, pathogen-resistance is needed, non-airborne diseases are suspected, etc.


  • Knitted cuff
  • Fluid resistant
  • Ultrasonic sealing
  • HSA Approved

Available in:

  • 7M-034-HRG-80 – High Risk Isolation Gown With Knitted Cuff, AAMI Level 4 (Yellow), 10’s/pkt, 8pkt/ctn