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Rexiocare Inflatable Cushion


The cushion is good for individuals who sit for long period of time; helps to improve blood circulation and muscular relaxation.

Caution : Please consult your pharmacist or health care prefessional for poper product selection and usage. While inflating, please do not inflate excessively, it may cause the goods to be damaged; do not expose with sharp articles.

Available in :

  • AR-0721 – Inflatable Square Cushion (Material: Nylon + PVC), Size: 43cm x 43cm, pc
  • AR-0722 – Inflatable Square Cushion (Material: Grey Velvet) Size: 43cm x 43cm, pc
  • AR-0723 – Inflatable Round Cushion (Material: Grey Velvet) Size: 46 Diameter, pc
  • AR-0724 – Inflatable Round Cushion (Material: PVC) Size: 36 Diameter, pc